Chris Ruano, Ryan Ruano’s father, left, looks on as Glenn Schussman –– his father-in-law — pins the newly promoted sergeant Ruano’s badge over his heart. Photo by Glenda Svendsen

Sheriff’s office hosts pinning ceremony

A recent pinning ceremony was conducted to appoint three new deputies and promote existing deputy Ryan Ruano to sergeant.

Deputy Ryan Ruano has served locally for seven years and though his promotion to sergeant will end his time as Deputy Sheriff Association President, he will continue his investigative work into several issues such as crimes related to drugs and firearms as head of the newly appointed Investigation Unit.

However, the task force encompasses many areas of concern including the monitoring of sexual offenders.

Dave Woginrich, Operations Patrol Lieutenant explained, “Our deputies have relevant information on the whereabouts of sexual offender registrants and we take suspicious activity very seriously. When indicated our Investigations Unit will be following up on leads and conducting sweeps periodically.”

An inquiry about the current number of registered sex offenders in Lassen County, netted an estimate of approximately 110 with the caveat that such a figure is subject to change daily. However, an expert on the subject remarked that the trajectory of the population of sex offenders has remained steady in Lassen County throughout the last decade, at least.

Sheriff Dean Growdon added, ”We maintain a data base which helps us to track local sex offenders. The list available to us is even more extensive than what is available to the public via Megan’s Law. The Department of Justice makes the determination of which offenders are listed to the public. We take the responsibility to monitor this population very seriously.”

As head of the newly formed Investigations Unit, Ruano has experience in all of these matters and will continue his efforts to protect and serve our community.