Sheriff’s Office reduces evacuation orders, warnings

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office reduced additional evacuation orders and warnings at noon Sunday, Sept. 19.

Check the status of your address at:

Evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted for the following areas:
• All areas North of HWY 44 east of Pittville Rd LAS-E066B, LAS-E065-C, LAS-E068-B, LAS-E065-B, LAS-E068-A, LAS-E072-A, LAS-E072-B, LAS-E036-J, LAS-E036-K, LAS-E036-H, LAS-E036-I, LAS-E036-E, LAS-E036-C, LAS-E035-D, LAS-E035-G, LAS-E035-F, LAS-E031-B

Evacuation orders have been reduced for the following areas:
• Areas north of HWY 44 from the Lassen county line to Pittville rd. LAS-E036-B, LAS-E035-A, LAS-E035H

All of evacuation orders and warnings remain in place, including forest closures. Check with the Lassen and Plumas National Forests for specific details.

Safety message: Be aware that there will be an increased presence of law enforcement and fire personnel working in the area. Use caution, drive with your headlights on, and yield to emergency personnel. Please see the attached information about returning home after wildfire which can be found at