Workers at Sierra Army Depot explain the process of refurbishing an armored door for a Humvee during a 2013 visit to SIAD. File photo.

SIAD rehires 28 laid off workers


The good news is — 28 term employees laid off recently at Sierra Army Depot in Herlong due to President Donald Trump’s executive order freezing the hiring of federal workers have been rehired.

The bad news is — SIAD officials don’t know if other employees will be rehired when their terms expire. Many of the term employees are hired for a term not to exceed one year and one day. They are eligible to be extended for another term when their current term expires.

Aric Manner, SIAD’s chief of staff, said, “The people who were to expire in February, we’ve been given authority to extend the February ones. We have people each month who will be falling off the rolls, and the Department of the Army has allowed us to extend the February employees, so they’ll be rolled over for another year. It’s just the February employees right now. That’s what we know right now, and it’s just a matter of the Department of the Army giving us final guidance of how they’re going to approach the president’s document.”

Manner said the employee originally hired last January also was rehired. While the guidance so far saved those 28 jobs, Manner said the status of other employees remains uncertain.

“We don’t know,” Manner said about the other SIAD term employees. “This was only for February. We have employees whose terms will be expiring throughout the year.”

Manner said SIAD was happy with its relationship with the county, and happy to make an important contribution to the local economy.

“We’re happy to be here,” Manner said. “I think we have a great relationship with the county. It’s a good fit for everybody. We’re doing all we can — the commander and the deputy commander were at our four-star headquarters yesterday … It was a huge topic of conversation. That’s how things got pushed through before … everybody’s really been great. They understand the gravity of it and the importance of it, and everybody’s done a great job in getting the progress we have gotten … The depots and arsenals all king of pulled together to get our story out there to help push a lot of this through. It was a unified effort, and that includes the employees calling their congressman.”

Manner said the depot appreciates its long-term employees.

“There’s no value in us losing employees if we don’t have to,” Manner said. “We have a lot of great employees who are doing great things for us. Everybody’s valuable out here. That’s what keeps the base running.”