The SMSC and participants of the skate competition sit for a group photo with winner Tyler Clayton sitting in the middle, Saturday, July 27.

Skate crew draws crowd with skate competition

Saturday, July 27 the Susanville Memorial Skate Crew finished off their summer events with the local groups first skate competition.

The competition was one of three to help the SMSC promote a revitalization effort to Memorial Park through Proposition 68 –– a bond measure to fund state and local parks, environmental projects, water infrastructure and flood protection projects throughout California.

They are also looking for as much community involvement possible and these events have brought everyone from first responders such as Susanville Police Department, Fire Department to local music artists to even support from a local restaurant.

The skate competition saw local and outside talent invited by the SMSC from Reno, Nevada to take part in the day’s event.

They showcased multiple demos of other extreme sports at the park such as Justin Leslie, Jordan Monahan put on a high- flying BMX demonstration and Colton Chew showed his skills on a scooter.

The competition was broken up into beginner and advanced categories in three separate events.

The first was the Skate event, much like the basketball game of Horse, where a competitor would do a trick and the next person had to follow up with the same trick, and if they failed they would gain a letter from the word skate.

Following that was the best two-minute run, where each competitor was given two minutes to perform as many tricks and land them as possible.

The event finished up with best trick, each competitor went and attempted the stunt in their repertoire. The prizes for each competition were skateboard decks, and the grand prize was $500.

Tyler Clayton, of Reno, Nevada blew away the competition taking the grand prize by finishing second in the Skate contest and first in the two-minute run and best trick categories.

This closes the events scheduled for the SMSC this summer.

With all the effort and commitment put in by this group and the wider community should hopefully provide the funding required for a new and improved Memorial Park and skate park to go along with it.