Some Lassen County evacuation orders, warnings remain in place

There were several additional evacuation orders and warnings issued Thursday, Sept. 9, evening by the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office. Below is a summary of the orders and warnings that remain in place as of Friday morning.

Mandatory Evacuation Orders remain in place for:

  • North of Black Gulch Rd from the Lassen County line east to and including Little Valley and Dixie Peak area from Pit River Canyon south Zones LAS-E036-H,J,K,E and LAS-E072-A, EO65-B, EO68-A
  • North of Halls Flat area from the Lassen County Line east to Pittville Rd and north to Black Gulch Rd Zone LAS-E036-B
  • Blacks Mountain area from Pittville Rd east to Forest Route 34N30 north to Black Ridge Lookout Rd Zone LAS-E036-C
  • South of Wilson Springs Rd from Pittville Rd east to Black Gulch Rd Zone LAS-E036-I
  • North of Hwy 44 from the Lassen County line east to Forest Services Route 32NO2 and north to the Blacks Mountain and Halls Flat Area. ZONE LAS-E035-A, LAS-E035-G, LAS-E35-D
  • Milford area west (mountain side) of Hwy 395 from south of Flux Rd south to the intersection of County Rd A26/Garnier Rd – Zones LAS – E009-A&B, E001A
  • North of Hwy 44 from Forest Route 33NO2 east to County Rd A21 and north to Crater Lake Campground – Zones LAS-E035-F
  • South of Hwy 44 from the Lassen County Line east to Hog Flat Reservoir – Zones LAS-E028, E031A
  • South of Hwy 36 south and east of Mtn Meadows Reservoir east to Old Town Rd– Zones LAS-E019, EO18
  • Janesville and Milford east of the Plumas County Line from Janesville Grade south to Milford Grade along the mountain side (unpopulated area) Zones LAS-E012-K, E010-B, C, F

Evacuation Warnings remain in place for:

  • West of but not including Boyd Springs Road southwest to the Lassen County line – Zones LAS-E066-B, EO65-C, E072-B
  • Hoover Flat Reservoir area west of Boyd Springs Road and Little Valley Rd – Zone LAS-E068-B
  • Milford area west (mountain side) of Hwy 395 from Raker Place south to Milford Grade – Zone LAS-E010-A
  • East of Hwy 395 (lake side) from the Flux Rd intersection south to County Rd A26 Garnier Rd north to Long Valley Creek LAS-E008B AND LAS-E002-C
  • West of Hwy 395 from the intersection of Milford Grade south to Flux Rd, West to Plumas/Lassen County line. LAS-E009B, C
  • Antelope Mountain and Campbell Mountain area east of County Rd A21 and west of County Rd A1 – Zone LAS-E035-B and E035-I
  • Bogard area north of Hwy 44 from Pittville Rd east to County Rd A21 and north to Blacks Mountain, Harvey Mountain and south of Ashurst Lake – Zones LAS-E035-D,E,F,G
  • West of County Rd A1 from the A21 intersection north to Forest Services Route 32NO2 – Zone LAS-E035-C

Moreover, due to the Dixie Fire’s updated evacuation orders in Lassen County, for anyone needing shelter it is recommended for Lassen County residents to check-in at the American Red Cross shelter in Burney, California.

World of Life Assembly Church

37341 CA-299

Burney, CA 96013

American Red Cross is requesting that anyone arriving at the shelter bring their medication and medical equipment (walkers, breathing machines, etc.), clothing for multiple days, and important papers such as insurance cards. For additional shelter questions, please call (530) 251-8128.

Animals needing shelter can be housed at the Lassen County Fairgrounds. Liability, feed, security, and care of animals housed at the Fairgrounds are the sole responsibility of the animal’s owner. Check-in will be available at the Fair Office during normal business hours. If you have any questions about animal sheltering, please contact Fair Manager, Kaitlyn Downing at (530) 588-8627.