Special meeting to select insurance held by Clear Creek Community Services District board

The board of directors for the Clear Creek Community Services District met Tuesday, Dec. 13, to select an insurance policy for the water and fire departments.

Board members Cathy Hunter, Debra Jennings and Raechelle Glover decided the district would save the most money by joining an insurance pool. They chose Cal Mutual Joint Powers Risk and Insurance Management Authority at a total savings of $1,464.

Also at the special meeting, the board reviewed the job descriptions for the water maintenance manager, fire chief and general manager. They made changes as necessary and will approve those changes at the January meeting.

Fire Chief John Yderraga is retiring at the end of the year and the board will interview qualified candidates to fill that position. Currently, John Hackett fills the position of water maintenance manager and Nicolette Moroney was hired this fall as general manager when Pat Mudrich announced her retirement.

The Clear Creek Community Services District needs two board members to fill the seats of Leo Mudrich, who did not run for reelection, and Rob Lee, who moved from the area.

The special meeting was in addition to the regular meeting of the board of directors held Wednesday, Dec. 7. During the regular meeting the board determined it should have the Lassen County Building Department inspect the firehouse to make sure all projects completed at the site were permitted and passed inspection. It was reported that the fire station is owned by Lassen County.

Fire Chief Yderraga reported the Clear Creek Fire Department had a new volunteer. He issued equipment to Alex Haymore. Also, he told board members the department would not purchase synthetic hose but wait for a 50/50 grant available in a couple months.

The Clear Creek Community Services District board of directors usually meets the first Tuesday of the month. The next regular meeting is 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 3, at the Clear Creek fire station.