State budget cuts threaten LCC

On Thursday, May 14, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced his proposed May revisions to the state budget. Newsom’s revised budget envisions a $54.3 billion deficit and reduces funding for all colleges in the Golden State.

The state that once expected a $7 budget surplus, and one in which as recently as last November the California Legislative Analyst’s Office predicted, “relatively strong growth projected in school and community college funding” now faces a severe budget crisis and a 10 percent reduction in some college budgets.

“These revisions create concern for us here at Lassen College, namely in the form of reduced funding to the broader California Community College system,” said superintendent/ president Trevor Albertson.  “Undoubtedly, these cuts are likely to translate into reduced funding for Lassen College and other institutions around the state. This reality presents a threat to the economic viability of our region and the educational goals of our students.”

Albertson said the chancellor for the state’s community colleges battles Sacramento for more funding, and he appeals to the governor and his staff to consider the impact of these cuts will have on Lassen College.

“I applaud the efforts of state’s Chancellor for Community Colleges’, Eloy Oakley, in making strides to ensure adequate funding to small, rural colleges like Lassen College,” Albertson said.  “At the same time, we implore governor Newsom and his staff to remember the essential nature of Lassen College and other schools like it around the state in their budgetary decisions and ensure the viability and vibrancy of the college in years to come.”