Super Tuesday brings out voters

Super Tuesday has come and gone, electing some to new positions while continuing some races to the general election in November.

The following partial results are from the final unofficial election night numbers from the Lassen County Clerks-Recorders Office.

Locally, for the Supervisor District 1 race, as of Wednesday morning, March 4, Incumbent Chris Gallagher and challenger Randy Darrow will face off in the November election, earning 514 votes, or about 42 percent, and 370 votes, or about 31 percent, respectively. Challenger Nicholas McBride received 321 votes, or about 27 percent.

For the Supervisor District 2 race, challenger Gary Bridges won with about 53 percent of the votes, or 355, against incumbent David Teeter’s 307 votes, or 46 percent, as of Wednesday morning.

District 4 Supervisor Aaron Albaugh ran unopposed.

For the Susanville City Council, the top three spots went to incumbent Brian Wilson, with 680 votes, Kevin Stafford with 627 and Quincy McCourt, with 577. Candidate Thomas Herrera received 549 votes, Rod DeBoer got 473 and incumbent Joseph Franco received 313.

The city public safety sales tax, Measure N, received about 52 percent of the positive vote, 743 votes to 698 against; however, the measure needed 2/3 votes to pass, and it failed to reach the threshold, as of Wednesday morning.

In the U.S House of Representatives District 1 race, incumbent Doug LaMalfa, who received about 91,937 votes district wide, and challenger Audrey Denney, who got 57,398 votes head to the general election in November, according to the California Secretary of State office.

For the State Senate District 1 race, Incumbent Brian Dahle received 132,256 votes district wide, or about 62 percent, and challenger Pamela Dawn Swartz received, about 32 percent, or 69,512 as of Wednesday morning, March 4.

In the State Assembly District 1 race, incumbent Megan Dahle received about 55 percent of the vote, or 57,966, with challenger Elizabeth Betancourt receiving about 36 percent, or 37,600.

For the Presidential Primary race, in Lassen County, democratic candidate Joesph Biden earned 270 votes with Bernie Sanders coming second with 255 votes. Statewide, however, Sanders is leading with about 34 percent of the vote against Biden’s 25 percent.

For the Republican race, President Donald Trump received 3,125 votes locally, and about 93 percent of the votes statewide.

Staewide Proposition 13 failed locally and statewide, with about 81 percent voting no in Lassen County and 56 percent voting no across the state, per semi-official results.

The numbers can still change as outstanding ballots are still counted.