Supervisor asks board to entertain moving to virtual meetings if case trend continues

Supervisor Chris Gallagher suggested the Lassen County Board of Supervisors entertain heading to a virtual meeting during his board report Tuesday, Dec. 15.

“If we continue on the path that we’re on for COVID, I would like to entertain at some point us looking at going to virtual meeting, a Zoom meeting. We’re having almost 100 new cases a day right now, and last week when we were here I counted around 80 people in the room, in a very small room, for a very long time,” Gallagher said.

He elaborated, saying, “We had a meeting to have (Public Health Officer) Dr. Korver here to talk to us, and it seemed to be kind of one of those bad ideas that we had him come in to talk to us about COVID and we ha a room full of people, many of whom were not masked.

“I would like us at some point entertain looking at a Zoom meeting down the road if we continue on same path where we have a lot of new cases. I’m not interested in it if it starts going away,” he continued.

Additionally, Aaron Albaugh thanked the Trump Administration during his board report for getting the vaccine out.