Supervisors adopt mid-year budget modifications

There were more mid-year budget changes than in a normal year, but there’s no significant cut to personnel or services, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors heard Tuesday.

“As kind of expected, there are more changes this year in the budget than there maybe would be in a normal year. The good news is that recommended changes don’t result in any real significant cut in personnel or services,” County Administrative Officer Richard Egan said during the Tuesday, March 9 board meeting. “That’s largely due to being able to use CARES money that came into the county last calendar year. “

The CARES funding is the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act for COVID-19 relief.

During the meeting, the supervisors discussed some changes and ultimately voted to adopt the modifications and increase the budget appropriation by $1,385,493 and revenues by $2,428,892.

Some of the budget changes were due to CARES funding that replaced general fund contributions.

For example, there was a reduction in the contribution from the county’s general fund to public safety, Egan explained, since CARES funding was directed toward the public safety budget.

See the various mid year budget changes listed in the staff report below.

210309 FY20-21 Mid-Year Budget