Lassen County Fair Manager Jim Wolcott, left, is recognized for his retirement during the Dec. 8 Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting. Chairman David Teeter presents him with with the plaque and proclamation. Photo by Makenzie Davis

Supervisors recognize Lassen County Fair Manager’s retirement

After 15 years and 10 months on the job, Lassen County Fair Manager Jim Wolcott is retiring.

In recognition of his time, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a proclamation in honor of his retirement during the Tuesday, Dec. 8 board meeting.

“I enjoyed my job, I enjoyed meeting you guys and seeing you at the fair,” Wolcott said Tuesday while remembering fair memories.

According to the unanimously approved proclamation, Wolcott worked with the Fair Advisory Board in planning, developing and utilizing the Lassen County Fairgrounds and facilities, and putting on events including the Lassen County Fair, Junior Livestock events, the Fourth of July Fireworks, the Bluegrass Festival and the Children’s Fair. He also coordinated facility rentals for fire camps, emergency shelters and migrant worker housing. Moreover, he managed fair employees, managed the budget, prepared facility agreements and requests for proposals and provided oversight for maintenance, repairs, alterations and upgrades.

“He is a blur of activity on most days, always running, fixing water lines, cleaning up in Jensen Hall after events, pulling weeds in the many flower beds around the grounds, barely stopping to eat his lunch. He is generous, hard working and a selfless person who loves working with people. He especially loved being around children, so any event at the fairgrounds that involved children got special attention to ensure every child gets a memorable experience,” read the proclamation.

“It is obvious to those who have worked closely with him that he is passionate about providing the fair experience to the people of Lassen County, and he cares deeply about the importance of the impact, both economic and agriculture, that the fair brings to our community. And though he is retiring, he contributions will not be forgotten,” the proclamation continued.

Wolcott noted he would continue helping where he could, and asked the supervisors help fill the vacant seats on the fair board.

“Jim, I just want to say thank you for the phenomenal job you’ve done for the many, many years,” said supervisor Aaron Albaugh, adding his wife, Becky Albaugh who serves on the Fair Advisory Board, also adds her thanks.

“You’ve done a phenomenal job,” Albaugh added. “It just shows the heart you have for this community, for this fair, for this county. I just thank you for your time, your dedication and hard work and the sacrifices you and your family have made.”