Supes appoint uncontested candidates

The supervisors have approved the uncontested candidates for local positions from the Nov. 8 elections.

During the Nov. 22 Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting, the board unanimously appointed the nominees for uncontested candidates for district boards and school boards.

All the following candidates were not running against any others, and were appointed to their positions.

For the Lassen County Board of Education, Bruce Davie, Rich Fitzer and Pete Jason were appointed for a full term, ending December 2020.

Deborah Peck, Michael Mitchell and Susan Frye were appointed to the Big Valley Joint Unified School District. Peck’s term expires December 2018 and the others in December 2020.

For Fort Sage Unified School District, Janice Gotcher and James Everett were appointed to short terms, ending in December 2018.

For the Janesville Union Elementary School District, James Dandois, Richard Sanchez and Stephen Miller ran uncontested, Dandois’ term expires in December 2018, and the other two in 2020.

Richard Roman and Amber Lynn will hold their positions on the Johnstonville Elementary School District Board under December 2018 and 2020, respectively.

Additionally, for the Lassen Community College Board of Trustees, Buck Parks, Shawn Giese and Kim Dieter ran unopposed for their district. Their terms expire in 2020.

For the Lassen Union High School District, Kenneth Theobald and Michelle Zubillaga ran uncontested and were appointed to sit on the board until December 2020.

Jeff Askew was appointed to sit on the Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District Board until December 2020.

For the Clear Creek Community Services District board, Debra Jennings was appointed to a full term, ending in December 2020.

Sandra Davis and Lenard Robinson will stay on the Leavitt Lake Community Services District board until December 2020.

For the Westwood Community Services District, Sheri Binswanger, David Escobar Jr. and Elta Silva were appointed to serve until 2020.

In the uncontested race for the West Patton Village Community Services District, Eula Johnson, Patricia Krupa and Mike Maguire were appointed. Johnson and Krupa will serve until December 2020, and Maguire is appointed for a short term, expiring in 2018.

David Leonard was appointed for a full term to the Big Valley Protection District and Nicola Humber and Linda Sprague were appointed to a full term for the Hallelujah Junction Fire District until December 2020.

For the Northwest Lassen Fire Protection District, Henry Crane, Dave Sellars and Gary Maricich will serve full terms until December 2020.

Norman Shepherd, Dan Weaver and Judith Davis will serve the Susan River Fire Protection District until December 2020 and the Standish-Litchfield Fire Protection District will have Ed Fitzhenry and Sean Baldwin.

Marilyn Shears and Jennifer Cote were appointed to full terms for the Lassen Library District, which expire in December 2020.

Kim Erb and John Murray will serve on the Susanville Sanitary District, ending in 2020 and Robert Miller and Ray Flowers will serve on the Herlong Public Utility District, with the full term ending in January 2021.

The board unanimously approved the appointments of all uncontested candidates.