Supes confirm Proclamation of Local Emergency

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution confirming and ratifying a proclamation of local emergency in Lassen County due to the Beckwourth Complex.

During the Tuesday board meeting, the supervisors approved the proclamation that Lassen County Sheriff Dean Growdon signed July 10 in regards to the devastating Beckwourth Complex that destroyed an estimated 33 structures in Doyle this weekend.

The Sugar Fire, the largest of the two fires in the complex, started July 2 from suspected lightning, and surged back to life last week, driven by winds and dangerously high temperatures.

By Tuesday morning, the complex grew to 92,988 acres and was 46 percent contained.

During the meeting, the supervisors offered their appreciation for assisting agencies and local officials for their service

“Yesterday they did pretty good work,” Emergency Services Chief Silas Rojas shared with the board.

However, Rojas also shared the process of attempting to apply for Cal OES’ FMAG.

The Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG) program was authorized by the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 and provides for the mitigation, management, and control of fires that threaten such destruction as would constitute a major disaster. The purpose of FMAG is to provide supplemental federal assistance to states and local government to fight fires burning on public (non-federal) or privately owned forest or grassland.

In his explanation of the application process to the board, he described some of the harrowing experiences from the fire, detailing how the blaze was spreading from structure to structure in Doyle with crews unable to stop it.

Currently, the FMAG application is on hold, Rojas said. The board asked Rojas to keep them informed on the process, and suggested a representative from Cal OES speak before the board at a future meeting.

Moreover, some on the board also questioned if the Complex incident command would come before the board to speak, and also inquired if there were inmate fires crews taking part in the fire attack response.

The Proclamation of Local Emergency shall be renewed and deemed to continue to exist until its termination by the Lassen County board. The board shall review the need for continuing the local emergency at least once every 60 days until termination.