Supes discuss, approve temporary budget

In order to remain operational, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors approved the recommended budget until the final 2019/ 2020 county budget is adopted.

Julie Morgan, assistant to the county administrative officer, presented the board with a resolution adopting the recommended budget, which includes revenues and appropriations for expenditures at no greater than last fiscal year’s.

The action of adopting the acting budget is a “housekeeping” matter, allowing the county to pay the bills until the board adopts the final budget, excluding capital assets purchases, transfers-out and new permanent employee positions.

When asked how the budget was looking already, Morgan answered it was still a little early to say, but noted it may not be too different from past years, and there might be some tough choices for departments.

During the county administrative officer’s report, Richard Egan noted he asked the chief probation officer to look into what it would look like if the county partnered with nearby counties, and closed the local juvenile hall, which costs about $1 million annually, he said.

No decisions have been made regarding the issue; the county is looking at what the numbers would look like, and Egan noted he informed the board now so they would not be surprised if the county went in that direction.

The board unanimously approved the recommended budget. The final budget will come back before the board at a later meeting.