Supes make New Year appointments for local committees, boards

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors looked at the various appointments for local boards, committees and commissions during its first meeting of the year Tuesday.

The local appointments are as follows:

For the Behavioral Health Advisory Board, Gary Bridges will serve, with Chris Gallagher as the alternate.

County Administrative Officer Richard Egan will continue to serve on the California State Association of Counties-Excess Insurance Authority, with Deputy CAO Tony Shaw as alternate.

Gallagher will serve on the Eagle Lake Interagency board, and for the Emergency Medical Care Committee, Jeff Hemphill continued his role on the board.

For the Honey Lake Valley Recreation Authority, Hemphill and Bridges are the regular appointees, with Tom Hammond as alternate.

Hemphill and Hammond will serve on the Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee and Hemphill was also appointed to the Land Conservation Committee.

Three supervisors, Hammond, Hemphill and Gallagher, were appointed to the Lassen County Air Pollution Control District, and Gallagher will represent the board on the Lassen County Children and Families First Commission.

For the Lassen County Transportation Commission and the Lassen Transit Service Agency, Hammond, Aaron Albaugh and Hemphill were appointed, with Bridges and Gallagher as alternates.

Albaugh and Gallagher are also representing the county on the Lassen Regional Solid Waste Management Authority, with Hammond as the alternate.

Hemphill will serve on the Lassen-Plumas-Sierra Community Action Agency and the Northern California Emergency Medical Services, Inc., with Bridges as alternate for the latter, and Bridges was appointed to the Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium, with Gallagher at alternate.

Hemphill will serve on the Planning and Service Area 2- Area Agency on Aging, with Hammond as alternate.

For the Trindel Insurance Fund, Egan is the primary member, with Shaw as alternate,

Albaugh will remain as the appointee for the Rural County Representatives of California, with Bridges as alternate, with the same arrangement on for the Golden State Finance Authority.

For the Environmental Services Joint Powers Agency, Albaugh will serve, with Gallagher as alternate.

Gallagher will remain as the county’s representative on the California State Association of Counties, with Bridges as alternate.

The board unanimously approved the appointments for the various boards, commissions and committees.