Steve Tank is recognized for his retirement during the Tuesday, July 16 Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting. Chairman Jeff Hemphill presents him with the plaque and proclamation honoring his employment. Photo by Makenzie Davis

Supes recognize Tank on his retirement

Lassen County Public Health Nurse and Program Coordinator Steve Tank is hanging up his time as Jeremy Germ and his other roles and is entering retirement — The Lassen County Board of Supervisors recently honored his work for the county during a meeting with a proclamation and plaque.

“It’s just been marvelous having you there when I’d go to the public health clinic. He was always there ready to help. Definitely our Jeremy the Germ. It’s going to be hard seeing someone else in that costume.”” Lassen County Health and Social Services Director Barbara Longo said of Tank. “It’s always a hard pill to swallow when we lose a nurse, you were a fantastic one and you will be missed.”

The supervisors presented Tank with his recognition awards and read the proclamation aloud during the Tuesday, July 16 meeting.

“Tank has been an integral part of the public health department,” read the unanimously approved proclamation.

He served as the program coordinator for the immunization administration, childhood lead poisoning prevention program and was the communicable disease nurse.

Additionally, he has been an expert in his field of immunizations and vaccine education and the diseases they prevent, along with playing the mascot Jeremy Germ and maintaining the Facebook page. He also created Larry the Lead Buster and helped create Vicky Virus, while conducting community outreach for the programs throughout the county.

“He did an amazing job with children and families he served while working in the clinic,” the proclamation continued.

Tank worked for the county for five years and eight months. He began his retirement June 14.

“Tank is full of adventure and loves to explore. He is known for his love of nature and extensive knowledge of every mountain, hill, creek or spring. He will be remembered for his calm and empathetic demeanor, sense of humor, singing ability and, lastly, for being a huge Chuck Norris fan,” the proclamation continued.