Supes request response from governor regarding Groundwater Sustainability Plan deadline

Hoping to acquire more time due to a hectic year, Lassen County requested a response to an earlier letter sent to the governor’s office asking for an extension on the Groundwater Sustainability Plan for the Big Valley Groundwater Basin, originally due Jan. 31, 2022.

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the letter intended for the governor Gavin Newsom during its Tuesday, Nov. 17 meeting. The letter is actually the second of such kind, since an earlier request, sent in August received no reply.

“As stated in more detail in our previous letter, COVID-19 has dramatically limited our ability, and the public’s willingness, to have the in-person public meetings necessary to prepare the required groundwater sustainability plan. This has left both the Lassen and Modoc groundwater sustainability agencies with few options,” read the letter, which also mentioned insufficient Internet access around Big Valley has made meetings difficult.

“Even though the GSP deadline is still a little over a year away, it is clear that we do not have enough time to prepare a GSP supported by the level of public participation a plan of this magnitude deserves,” the letter continued.

Members of the Lassen County Board of Supervisors thanked staff for their letter and expressed desire the governor’s office responds.

“We need a response on this, we’re just falling farther behind, and this is a huge, huge project. It’s a huge undertaking,” said supervisor Aaron Albaugh. “We thoroughly need more time, especially with COVID and shutting everyone down.”