Survey says California votes on new motto: ‘From Dreams to Reality’

In God We Trust – it’s more than just a saying, it’s the officially endorsed motto of the United States, a sentiment etched into the collective memory of our nation back in 1956. Similarly, every state in the union has its unique motto, reflecting the specific values and ideals of which its residents draw comfort and strength. These mottos are not mere marketing jargon, unlike state nicknames or promotional slogans. They are historical codes, deeply ingrained in the state’s identity. However, given their often-antiquated nature and the diverse languages they’re written in, some say a modern refresh is in order. put this proposition to the test, polling 3,000 Americans on what they would choose as an updated motto, suitable for the 21st century. And the results were very interesting.

California’s official state motto is “Eureka!” a Greek phrase that translates to “I have found it.”  Californians chose “From Dreams to Reality” as their alternative state motto. An apt choice that reflects California’s image as the land of opportunity and innovation, where dreams (from Hollywood to Silicon Valley) become real.

Nevadans made an intriguing pick with “From Silver Mines to Neon Dreams,” a significant upgrade from their existing motto “All for Our Country.” This new motto encapsulates the state’s multifaceted journey, from its mining past to its neon-lit present.

Take Georgia as an example, residents opted for a delightful revamp of their existing motto “Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.” Their choice, “Peaches and Progress,” pays homage to Georgia’s traditional identity (the Peach State) while simultaneously symbolizing its forward momentum in multiple industries.

Meanwhile, Tennesseans were keen on encapsulating both their state’s rich cultural legacy and diverse landscapes. Thus, “From Smoky Peaks to Music Streets” was the motto chosen, resonating deeply with Tennessee’s scenic beauty and its musical roots.

Texas, keeping in line with its current motto “Friendship,” desired to amplify its ethos while looking forward. The phrase “Where Big Hearts Meet Bigger Horizons” emerged as a popular choice, aligning seamlessly with the well-known saying, “Everything is Bigger in Texas.”

“A potential revamp of state mottos isn’t just a matter of semantics. It reflects the evolving story of our nation, how we acknowledge our history, comprehend our present, leave our anxieties behind and envision our future. It’s a testament to our resilience and adaptability, a shift from the rigid scripts of the past to a dynamic dialogue with the future” said Shaun Connell of