Lassen High School senior Jade Wilson Young was making a tough decision of where to go next. Hoping to sway her in their favor, CSU, Chico awarded her a $1,000 academic and performance scholarship. And sway her they did!

Surprise visit brings scholarship

Surrounded by family and supportive school staff, Jade Wilson Young is planning for her future.

On Friday, April 20, the Lassen High School senior got a surprise visit during her afternoon economics class when a CSU, Chico admissions counselor, school administration, staff and her supportive family came to tell her she received a $1,000 academic and performance scholarship to Chico State — one of five given this year in the entire state.

LHS Counselor Micah Freeman nominated Wilson Young for the scholarship, and based off her GPA and the things she has done, according to Katrina Cunningham, she qualified.

While Wilson Young was still undecided on where she’d like to further her education when she received the scholarship, she has now made up her mind to attend Chico State, according to Freeman.

Her next step, she plans, is to immerse herself in the medical field as she sets her mind to become a firefighter paramedic.

According to Cunningham, they hoped the scholarship will help sway her to Chico.

As the large group walked into the economics class, they were accompanied by a large cutout of the Chico State Mascot, Willie the Wildcat, and a swag bag of Chico gear.

“I thought that was pretty cool,” said Freeman of the scholarship award. “It’s something positive. Our kids can go anywhere that anyone else can. This is a positive thing.”

All scholarships received by Lassen High School students, and intended schools and future plans, will be announced during scholarship night May 30.