The Susanville City Kickette’s Christmas Extraordinaire featured a variety of performances by the Kickettes and JandJ Performing Arts students.

The Susanville City Kickette’s Christmas Extrodinaire delights the audience

The Susanville City Kickette’s Christmas Extraordinaire drew in a large crowd for it’s two performances on Friday, Dec. 9, and Saturday, Dec. 10.

The show featured dancing by the Susanville City Kickettes as well as performers from several different classes offered by JandJ Performing Arts.

Director Jessica Wade said the twelve Kickettes have put in over 200 hours of community service, over 60 hours in rehearsal and around 900 hours training in their various different dance classes.

This year’s Susanville City Kickettes is made up of two seniors, five veterans and five newcomers.

Wade brought out the two senior Kickettes, Luriah Hinshaw and Jessica Nobles, toward the start of the show where she talked about the energy and success they have brought to the team.

The five veteran performers were Megan MacKay, Carlene Simpson, Katie Kennedy, Hailey Moore and Samantha Tiffany.

The newcomers were Hailey Gregor, Eden League, Alyssa Stark, Bailey Heath and Arianna Moore.

“These twelve women are so encouraging and loving towards each other,” said Wade.

The Kickettes grabbed the audience’s attention right from the start with their opening performance to “We Need a Little Christmas.”

Each number featured carefully choreographed dance routines and of course many numbers featured the high kicks that the Kickettes are famous for.

The show featured a variety of different dance styles, including jazz, hip-hop, clogging, tumblings and ballet.

Santa Claus even joined in on a number of the performances, each featuring colorful outfits and complex dance moves that made the audience cheer.

During the second half of the show, the dancers did a USO Salute, honoring veterans and those currently serving.

It even featured a scene with a boy writing a letter to Santa, asking for his mom to come home for Christmas, as she was stationed over seas.

In a later scene the boy is reunited with his mother.

“This real life veteran and her son displayed a magical moment of love after she surprises him by coming home,” said Wade.

Following the USO Salute was a live nativity scene, with live goats and horses. Wade portrayed Mary and her husband, Benjamin Wade portrayed Joseph.

The Kickettes brought the show to a close with a performance to “Joy to the World.”