Susanville Fire Department increases out of area fires budget

With fire season still ongoing, the Susanville Fire Department requested an increase to its expenditures and revenues for out of area fires.

Susanville Fire Chief James Moore explained during the Wednesday, Oct. 7, city council meeting that the originally budgeted amount of $200,000 for out of area fires for the 2020/2021 fiscal year was already exceeded. The department asked for an increase to both revenues expenditures by $500,000 in order to be reimbursed. The city council voted to approve the departments out of area fire budget amendment.

“Due to the number of incidents, expenditures are exceeding the current budget amount and it is estimates that there will be additional expenditures for the 2020 fire season. In order to reimburse personnel for providing fire suppression services, it is necessary to increase both revenues and expenditures in the Out of Area Fires budget by $500,000 to cover the cost of providing personnel and equipment resources to help mitigate the emergencies,” read the summary from Moore in the agenda packet.

According to Moore, the Susanville Fire Department Engine 628 has been deployed since July 17 with nine personnel on four separate fires within the state and only returned home Tuesday, Oct. 6. Also engines 626, 623, and 621 deployed out on Aug. 18 with 12 personnel on one fire within the county.

Moore said the number of $500,000 came about through discussions with staff about a number to get them through the remainder of the year without having to come back for another amendment.