The Susanville Little League Minors All-Stars show great teamwork on the field throughout the tournament held in Portola, Califonia between Tuesday, June 26 and Monday, July 2. Photo submitted

Susanville Minors earn second at All-Stars Tournament

The Susanville Little League All-Stars Minors took on five intense games at the 2018 District 48 Baseball Tournament in Portola, California between Tuesday, June 26 and Monday, July 2.

First to take on Susanville was the Portola team on June 26. Though the Portola team played hard on the field, their talent wasn’t enough to out-perform Susanville. The final score of the first game was 12-0.

While Susanville and Portola were battling it out, Quincy and Lake Almanor were playing their first round of the tournament as well. Lake Almanor emerged victorious from the game.

Both Portola and Quincy were sent to the loser’s bracket.

With the win, the Susanville team moved on to round two against Intermountain Wednesday, June 27. After a strong battle against Intermountain, Susanville again emerged victorious, this time with a score of 5-2 on the board.

Meanwhile, Lake Almanor also moved on to their second game of the tournament on June 27, this time against Loyalton. Again, Lake Almanor won the game.

Both Intermountain and Loyalton were sent to the loser’s bracket to take on Quincy and Portola, respectively.

Prior to round three taking place in the winner’s bracket, Intermountain played Quincy and Loyalton played Portola, both on Wednesday, June 28.

Winners of the two games were Intermountain and Loyalton, who were set to play one another Thursday, June 29.

Prior to Intermountain and Loyalton hitting the field, however, round three of the winner’s circle saw Susanville take on Lake Almanor.

With a lot of teamwork, strength, consistency and support, Susanville ended the game with the 14-3 win, thus sending Lake Almanor to the loser’s bracket.

With round three of the winner’s bracket out of the way, it was time to determine which team would move on to round three of the loser’s bracket.

Intermountain ultimately took the win against Loyalton and thus prepared for the match against Lake Almanor on Friday, June 30.

Determined to redeem themselves, Lake Almanor was resilient on the field against Intermountain and ultimately took the win.

Thus, Susanville was scheduled to a rematch against Lake Almanor for the championship Sunday, July 1.

Though the game seemed an easy win for Susanville, Lake Almanor returned to the field with quite the punch packed. The final score was 16-3 in favor of Almanor, thus sending Susanville to the loser’s bracket.

However, since the loss was Susanville’s first of the tournament, a third and final game was scheduled between Susanville and Lake Almanor Monday, July 2.

Both teams fought diligently for the championship win on Monday, and the close game certainly proved it.

Unfortunately, the final score was 7-5 in favor of Lake Almanor, granting the opposing team the title of champions.

Though the loss was difficult for Susanville to take, the team’s second-

place standing in the tournament proved just how hard working the young athletes are and how much they have grown throughout the season.