Susanville postpones water main construction

The development of a new intersection at the edge of Susanville will connect Skyline Drive with Highway 395. At the April 17 Susanville City Council meeting the council postponed a proposed a water main development underneath the intersection.

With the Skyline Drive extension project started from Johnstonville Road to Highway 36, the city of Susanville and Lassen County will be partnering once again, just not immediately.

In order to avoid disturbing the county’s Skyline Drive road extension project, which includes a new traffic signal, some intersection widening and transition paving, city staff previously recommended the placement of a 12-inch PVC water main, which is in conjunction with the city’s water main project.

The city of Susanville had replacement of a segment of city steel water main line on the books for later this month.

The project is covered under the city’s Integrated Regional Water Management grant.

The steel water main project was scheduled mainly due to excessive leaks and depth combined with its proximity to the city’s high-pressure steel gas main.

City staff proposed the lengths of installation along Johnstonville Road to minimize the impacts on the signal, loop detection and striping, if say, future connections or extension of the water main north and south are driven by local development, necessitating the disturbing of the new pavement.

Dig It Construction out of Chester recently completed the city’s water main project and was approached by the city to install the proposed approximately 500 linear feet of city’s provided water main in the intersection.

The project would extend from the intersection in each direction at a distance to minimize damage to the improvements.

The cost of the installation is approximately $93,000 minus contingencies. The work would specifically include trenching, installation of the pipe and fittings. The cost of materials to be supplied by the city from local vendors is estimated at around $20,000.

The cost of the contract change order associated with the project, plus 10 percent contingencies and construction engineering of five percent will bring the total cost estimate to be no more than $127,000.

The city presently has more than $500,000 in the 7114 Water Fund.