Lassen High School swim team member Colby Tanner using the butterfly stroke at the Wednesday, Oct. 16 home meet. Photo by Greg Wallace

Swimming Grizzlies hold last home meet for the season

The Lassen High School swimming Grizzlies held their final home swim meet of the season Wednesday, Oct. 16 at the Honey Lake Valley Community Pool. Short course swimming, involves lanes that are 25 yards long, and races require a minimum of two laps in any given event.

The visiting teams were Central Valley, Weed and West Valley. The teams competed in multiple events with each swimmer able to compete in two individual events.

In the boy’s 200-yard freestyle, Jeremiah Shrum clocked in a final time of 2 minutes 36.35 seconds, taking 3.5 seconds off, setting a new personal record. Caleb Hefner finished with a time of 2:48.32 while Zac Schall completed the event with a time of 3:04.32.

In the boy’s 50-yard freestyle solo Grizzly Connor Pate completed the event with a time of 33.75.

The boy’s 200-yard individual medley saw one Grizzly, Colby Talley, finish with a time of 3:00.38. Talley was the solo Grizzly to compete in the boy’s 100-yard fly event with a time of 1:39.75.

Aiden Adams competed for the Grizzlies in the boy’s 100- yard freestyle with a time of 1:12.47.

Adams also competed in the boy’s 100-yard backstroke with teammates Schall and Pate, where he timed in at 1:29.74, setting a new personal record by taking 2.5 seconds off his time. Teammate Schall finished with a time of 1:26.03 shaving 1.5 seconds off his time while Pate took a time of 1:35.72.

Heffner and Shrum then competed in the boy’s 100- yard breast stroke event. Heffner took 0.5 seconds off his time coming in at 1:25.03, while Shrum shaved 1.5 seconds with a new personal record of 1:33.22.

Ayuka Saito competed in the girl’s 200-yard individual medley with a final time of 2:33.14 as well as being the lone Lady Grizzly to compete in the girl’s 100-yard breaststroke, where she shaved 0.5 seconds off to finish with a time of 1:22.69.

In the girl’s 50-yard freestyle Emmalee Rotlisberger finished with 31.28 seconds while fellow Lady Grizzly Bailey Krier followed at 39.85 seconds. Krier as well competed in the girl’s 100-yard fly event timing in at 2:00.15.

Rotlisberger’s second event was the girl’s 100-yard freestyle, where she took a time of 1:12.46 while teammate Kaelee Taylor trailed just behind at 1:17.77.
Taylor finished her events with the girl’s 100-yard backstroke, timing in at 1:35.09.

The swimming Grizzlies after the final home meet headed to Shasta College where they competed in the NAL league finals Wednesday, Oct. 23. Results were unavailable at press time but look for the results in the Tuesday, Nov. 5 issue of the Lassen County Times.