Takes steps to be prepared: Sign up for CodeRED, make a checklist

With smoke darkening the sky, falling ash and the power outage, the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office noted it understands the stress from residents, and encouraged some help manage stress and anxieties by taking back control through being prepared.

“We’ve had many calls this week from people wanting to know where the smoke is coming from and what is likely to happen here in Lassen County. While we wish we had the ability to accurately predict fire behavior, we just don’t. However, with a smoke plume darkening the sky, power outages, and evacuations in neighboring communities, we certainly understand why people are stressed and we appreciate more than ever the resilience of our citizens and the support for one another you have shown,” the sheriff’s office shared Wednesday.

“One of the most effective ways to cope with the effects of stress brought on by circumstances beyond our control is to take back a measure of that control through preparedness. Take steps now, before an emergency is at your back door, to keep you and your loved ones safe. The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office utilizes the CodeRED Emergency Alert System to send notifications to impacted areas in the event of an emergency.”

Make sure you are registered to receive notifications by clicking the following link: https://public.coderedweb.com/cne/en-US/BFB7CC4C6C0A . Consider choosing the option for “mobile alerts” as they are prioritized first by most cell phone carriers and seem to go through on smart devices even when cell service is spotty.

Cal Fire has many resources available on their website readyforwildfire.org to assist in preparing for an evacuation including checklists and videos. If you have pets, livestock, or will require assistance evacuating, know what your options are, what equipment you may need for transport, and make sure you have what you will need ahead of time.