Technical Advisory Committee meets Thursday, Sept. 3

The Lassen County Technical Advisory Committee meets at 9 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 3 at the Veterans Memorial Hall, 1205 Main St., Susanville. For directions to the Veterans Memorial Hall, call the Planning and Building Services

Department at 251-8269.

The committee will convene in regular session to discuss:

Lot line adjustment #2020-004, Hanson/Five Dot Land & Cattle Co.

The applicants are proposing a lot line adjustment between four legal parcels to exchange an equal amount of land (approximately 18.4 acres) between the two ownerships, to facilitate improved land management.

This is a resubmittal of lot line adjustment number 2017-012, which expired before recordation. The application includes all or portions of eight assessor parcel numbers, which total approximately 3,177.96 acres. Approximately 1,579.29 acres is owned by Hanson and approximately 1,598.67 acres is owned by Five Dot Land & Cattle Co.

The project site is zoned U-C-A-P (Upland Conservation, Agricultural Preserve Combining District) and U-C-2-AP (Upland Conservation/ Resource Management District, Agricultural Preserve Combining

District). All the involved parcels have a land use designation of “Intensive Agriculture” pursuant to the Lassen County General Plan, 2000. The subject parcels are located on the east and west side of Highway 139 near the intersection of Highway 139 and Horse Lake Road.

APN(S): 091-060-12, 091-060- 14, 09 1-060-1 5,09 1-060-1 9,091-060-22, 091-060-24, 091-070- 06 and 09 1-100-29.

Staff contact: Stefano Richichi, Senior Planner.