Teen Court presents ‘Santa on Trial’

Lassen County’s Teen Court invites the public and any interested high school students to attend its presentation of “Santa on Trial,” at 3 p.m. Friday, Dec. 29 at the Hall of Justice, 2610 Riverside Drive in Susanville.

The facts of the case

Santa was seen on the corner of Gumdrop Lane and Candy Cane Avenue after forcefully gaining entry through the chimney of the Frost family home at approximately midnight on Christmas Eve. After entering the home, he proceeded to meander through the Frost home waking up both the children and the father. After waking up, the children saw Mr. Claus proceed to take their cookies and exit the house via chimney again.

They reported hearing hoofs on the roof, jingle bells, and a jolly cry of “Ho Ho Ho” and then silence thereafter. Jack Frost, the father of the Frost family, proceeded to contact dispatch at which point deputy Pepper Minstix was called to the scene and interviewed both of the children who were identified as Carol and Noel Frost and the father identified as Jack Frost. Santa was subsequently arrested and charged with breaking and entering.

For more information, visit the Teen Court page under the Departments and Programs menu on the court’s website, lassencourt.ca.gov or call Chris Vose at 251-8205, ext. 119 or email cvose@lassencourt.ca.gov.

One thought on “Teen Court presents ‘Santa on Trial’

  • This guy is a repeat offender. However, he’ll be out of jail in a few hours because of this state’s weak stance on crime. Maybe get slapped with probation.

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