Thank you so much for keeping the Lassen News alive

I read the online version every morning every article.  I still miss the Westwood Pinecone Press paper addition but understand and appreciate what you are doing.

I have never lived full time in Lassen County but have been spending time in Lassen County especially Westwood since 1957.  My dad was a schoolteacher in the San Francisco Bay area and wanted a vacation house in the mountains. He bought our “cabin” in Westwood in 1957 after the mill closed and the whole town was for sale, that I still own.

I have been coming up to the mountains since I was 2 years old, for 67 years.  All the school vacations and lots of time in the summer roaming around Lassen County.  I am a retired schoolteacher (34 years teaching) and my kids also grew up vacationing in Westwood.  I still say Westwood and Lassen County are my favorite places on earth.

Your recent article about the Madeline Plains Killer Joseph Shelton really hit a nerve in me.  I was in college when the murders happened and remember the horrific nature of the crime.  We frequently drove up 139 to go camping or visit relatives in Oregon and Washington.  I knew exactly where Madeline was.

Today’s editorial you wrote was excellent.  I will be writing to parole board and governor to express my outrage at even thinking of releasing Silva from prison.

If there is ever a person that deserves the death penalty more the Silva, I can’t name them. Now that he is off death row, I hope prison yard justice finds him.

 Jim DeJong, Pacifica, California