Thank you to candidates, citizens, supporters

I’m not one to blow my own horn, but I believe last night’s Candidate Forum went well, and I would be remiss today if I did not offer a humble and heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.

First, I’d like to thank all the local candidates for agreeing to take part in the event. When I first proposed the idea of this forum, some expressed opposition and concern. Heady business running for elective office, and in the end every single local candidate attended. Thank you all.

Thank you also to the local citizens who attended. I did not attempt to count the number of attendees, but those who did provided conflicting numbers — somewhere between 100 and approaching 200, according to their numbers. One old timer I talked to the day of the event told me such things generally attract about twice the number of people as there are candidates, and he thought I’d be lucky if I attracted a total of 50 folks. We did much better than that. Again, thank you all for coming.

Thank you to those who help publicize the event — Susanville Stuff, KSUE, the Lassen County Chamber of Commerce, the candidates themselves and several local social media sites.

And thank you to those who actually helped with the event itself — Lassen County employees, the Lassen County Fairgrounds and staff and especially the Lassen Association of Realtors, an organization that volunteered to provide refreshments for the event without me even asking.

I also need to thank my wife, Cindie who collected questions at the door and encouraged me when I needed it, and Bob Mahenski, who served as my timer. I couldn’t have done it without them.

This event marked my first venture into putting on such an event. While some, including one candidate I spoke with this morning, thought 10 candidates were too many for one forum, I thought that worked out OK. I asked each candidate 10 or 11 questions by my unscientific recollection, each one touching a matter of interest in the community. I don’t think accepting questions at the event worked all that well because some people didn’t understand I wanted questions aimed at all candidates for a particular office, and others were disappointed I didn’t ask their question because there were just too many. I take full and complete responsibility for the event and sincerely offer my apology those whose questions didn’t get asked. If I may criticize myself, I could have spent more time working on the exact wording of the questions.

Some folks wanted a Town Hall type forum where they could rant and rail at candidates. Town Halls are fine, but that’s not the event I envisioned.

Overall, I’d call the event a success, and I hope everyone realizes I hosted this event simply because I wanted to make a positive contribution to my community come election day. I hope my vision was realized.

So, thank you to everyone involved, especially those I may have neglected to mention here.

Lassen News will publish statements from all the local candidates in the coming days. Stay tuned.