Thanksgiving will cost more this year

Thanksgiving provides us with an opportunity to come together with our family and friends and remember the things that make us grateful. This holiday is an annual tradition that many excitedly anticipate all year long, and after nearly two years of battling a pandemic, the prospect of celebrating Thanksgiving together sounds more enticing than ever. Unfortunately, this year’s holiday also comes with a much higher-than-normal price tag.

Gas prices in California hit a record high this month at $4.70 a gallon, more than a dollar above the national average, and more than a $1.50 compared to this time last year. As we prepare to visit friends and family members, after many opted out of larger gatherings last year due to peak COVID-19 cases, being crushed at the pump is the last thing that Americans should be worried about.

Not to mention, the Auto Club estimates that nearly 20 percent of California’s population – 6.1 million people who are projected to be on the road this holiday – should expect to pay a minimum of $70 to fill up their tanks. Sadly, astronomical gas prices aren’t the only thing hurting Californians: inflation has hit its highest rates in over 30 years.


This is what Thanksgiving in America is shaping up to look like:

  • 16 lb. Turkey: $39.84, up 18.3 percent;
  • Dinner Rolls: $3.79, up 4.8 percent;

Bacon and brussel sprouts: $10.98, up 20.2 percent and 2.7 percent respectively;

  • Deviled eggs: $6.49, up 11.6 percent;
  • Whole chicken: $4.49, up 6.8 percent;

Buttered mashed potatoes: $9.78, up 4.6 percent and 1.7 percent respectively; and

  • Pumpkin pie: $5.99, up 4.1 percent.

And according to a recent report published by the American Farm Bureau, Thanksgiving prices this year are expected to be up 14 percent.

Percentage increases based on recent stats released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor’s Consumer Price Index.

Americans deserve relief, normalcy and for their holidays to be joyful. Instead, President Biden’s self-inflicted supply chain disaster, created by the administration’s efforts to incentivize Americans not to work, has crippled our economy and increased inflation with reckless budget spending, placing all of the burden on hardworking American families.

While the United States remains the greatest country in the world, providing us with much to be thankful for, we should not tolerate higher prices – a hidden tax on all of us – as the new economic normal. I will continue to work in Congress to restore opportunities, combat inflation and always support the American dream.