The folly of re-entering the Iran Nuclear Deal

It has recently come to light that the Biden Administration, in secret and without the approval or oversight of Congress, has been trying to re-enter the Iran Nuclear Deal. This is worrying. The Iran Nuclear Deal was one of the worst foreign policy failures of the Obama Administration. The deal never prevented Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and would have allowed them to gain the ability to inflict mass destruction within a decade. President Trump was correct to not only withdraw from the agreement, but to also pursue a ‘maximum pressure’ campaign that saw the Iranian regime nearly go bankrupt. The Biden Administration is gravely mistaken if they believe that re-entering the deal and following a ‘maximum concessions’ campaign will prevent Iran from getting the bomb or cause the country to end its financing of terrorism in the Middle East.

History has shown, with horrific results, that appeasement doesn’t work when you’re negotiating with madmen — they will use your good will and good faith to get what they want and betray you at the earliest opportunity. When nuclear weapons and religious fanaticism are involved in the calculus, that becomes a recipe for disaster. A nation whose slogan is “Death to America, Death to Israel” should never have a nuclear bomb, and the sensible foreign policy approach is to do everything possible to prevent that outcome. House Republicans have introduced several pieces of legislation that will require the administration to keep Trump-era sanctions in place, forbid the President from re-entering the Nuclear Deal and strengthen existing sanctions on the Iranian regime. The safety of America must be the first and primary concern in our nation’s foreign policy, and re-entering the Iran Deal will put that safety at risk.