The idea that everyone in government is crooked is a lie

During the chaos around the 2020 election, two things became clear. Some of our politicians have a real affection and love for the US Constitution, and some could not care less about it.

I keep hearing how corrupt ‘they all’ are, and I keep repeating how they are representing us, and neither statement can be looked to for comfort because both are partially true. They do represent our corrupt population.

Sometimes, we screw up. Sometimes, we elect the right people at the right time, and put them in the right place to do what is the right thing to do.

The secretary of state in several states across the country resisted the demands for them to corrupt the election results by the former administration who refused to abide by the vote of the American people. They were Democrats and Republicans, and they were not to be swayed from their oath to the US Constitution or to the people of the United States of America.

The most impressive acts to save American democracy came from the many Republicans who work under the political leaders in the White House. They refused to be involved in treason just to keep their jobs at the highest levels of our government. Our military leaders were put under pressure to turn on our democracy, and they refused.

The idea that everyone in government is crooked is a lie. Many of them have stood above us and took the many attacks on their characters because they did what true patriots do, and they did it for us.

If only We, the People could be worthy of their belief in US, we would be a much better nation, and one that is more perfect than when we started down this road.
There were also judges and investigators and poll workers who ran an election that after having been checked and double checked and sometimes, triple checked, gave us what has been called one of the most accurate and honest and fair elections we have had. However, there are some who insist that cheating is fair, stirring up distrust in each other and the government is fine if it gets them what they want. The corruption we see is in ourselves.