The importance of a performing arts center

Many communities have a performing arts center. Such centers become the heart, the hub, of a community. Walt Whitman once said, and I paraphrase, “Once the materials are assembled the architects will arrive.”

A performing arts center could have the potential to draw people to the community, and I hazard a guess that some would so love the area that they’d decide to take permanent residence here. Think of what a financial boon that would be to Susanville and how that could create new businesses.

The town of Quincy has a West End Theater, a creative outlet for all ages and where they have theatre, plays, shows, lectures and workshops. Art lives big in Quincy.

Grass Valley has The Center for the Arts which has become a hub for a diverse array of programing. It’s a delight to read their upcoming attractions and The Center has proven to be a vital part of Nevada County. Art also lives big in Nevada County.

Nevada City, too, has the Nevada City Performing Arts Center where I once attended storytelling, poetry readings and a film festival.

We have so much talent here in Lassen County and Sierra Theater could become a hub for a performing arts center that could include workshops, lectures, music, theatre, dance, book readings by respected authors, poetry, film festivals and plays to name a few of the cultural opportunities.

A community arts center could bring such joy to Lassen County.

Please consider those funds for a vital infusion of diversity, new ideas and a place to lift the spirits of the community.

A Sierra Theatre Performing Arts Center would render culture and a richness to the fabric of its citizenry — the architects of dreams made splendid.

Dianna Mackinnon Henning, Janesville