The Mexican border: experts call it a disaster of ‘911’ proportions

Tom Homan, former acting director of ICE, and Jaeson Jones, former captain with the Texas Department of Public Safety, are veterans when it comes to the Mexican border and the dangers of the Biden administration’s lackadaisical approach to border security that has created what they call a humanitarian crisis. They played important roles under President Donald Trump’s successful efforts to secure America’s back door; they created the website Border 911 after President Biden opened that door to the world’s most desperate illegal migrants. As they put it in a recent interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens and host of AMAC’s Better For America podcast, “we’re witnessing the largest U.S. intelligence failure since 911.”

As Jones revealed, “The Biden administration opened our borders not only to Mexico but to the world and the cartels saw a massive gap and said to themselves, we can truly treat people as a commodity. Back in the day, it was about $100 to cross the river. Today, if you are Mexican citizens, it costs about $2,500. And, if you’re Central Americans, it’ll cost you $3,000, if you are Chinese, it’s $5,000 and if you’re Russian or Middle Eastern, it is $9,000 to cross the river in south Texas.”

Homan noted that he “worked for six presidents. Every president I worked for took steps to help secure the border because every president understood you can’t have national security unless you’ve got border security. Every president, even Clinton and Obama, took steps to secure the border. Of course, no one did more than President Trump.

“But Joe Biden is the first president in United States history who unsecured the border. Since he took the White House we’ve had more than 360,000 children come across that border. This administration released them to so-called sponsors that they supposedly vetted. They can’t find nearly 100,000 of those children. They released them to sponsors. Now they lost track, and they can’t find them.

“Based on my 34 years’ experience in numerous child trafficking investigations that I have conducted, many of those children right now are living with pedophiles, they’re in pornographic movies. These children are living a life of hell because this administration refused to secure the border. We gave them a game plan for how to do it. They have the Trump policy. All they have to do is to put the Mexico program back in place. But because they have this open border, they refuse to do anything to slow the flow. In the last two months, ICE has opened up three different investigations where they found children in forced labor. These children live a life of hell.

“And while you and I and Jaeson are talking here right now, while we’re talking, women are being raped by the criminal cartels, they are being sexually assaulted numerous times. And a child is going to die on the border. So, this isn’t just talking points. People need to understand what’s happening right now. Children are going to die, children are being sexually assaulted. So, this this is the biggest humanitarian crisis this country has ever seen.”

So, who is orchestrating this bloody drama? Homan says it’s criminal entities such as the Los Zetas cartel.

“It’s one of the most hyper-violent cartels in Mexico,” he said. “I worked the 72 migrants massacre in San Fernando [Mexico] in which 300 men, women and children were cut into pieces by Los Zetas. They had gone far beyond organized crime and the terrorist acts that they were committing were going to come here because we began seeing it with beheadings in the United States.

“Our national incident-based reporting system and the Uniform Crime Report, under the FBI, did not capture transnational crime at the time. until it was already impacting our citizens. The United States government, Mexico and a global coalition of partners leveraging what we call the unified command, can collaborate, we can absolutely crush them. We know what we have to do. But I will tell you right now, if we continue to use a 60 year old, failed model of a law enforcement investigative model, we will never fix this problem.”