The World Literacy Foundation is now accepting applications for its Summer 2023 Youth Ambassador Program

The World Literacy Foundation is looking  young people in California who aspire to be an advocate and changemaker for the issue of illiteracy over the summer. It’s estimated 65 percent of children from underserved communities in California struggle to read and write.

WLF has opened its application for the organization’s Summer 2023 Youth Ambassador Program. The Youth Ambassador Program is a four-month youth leadership development program that provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective advocates for literacy in their communities and around the world.

Young people between the ages of 16 and 30 are eligible to apply. Applications must be submitted online through the WLF’s online portal before May 26, 2023. The Summer 2023 Youth Ambassador Program begins June 6, 2023. The Program is free of charge. Interested individuals can access the online application at

Ali Hawkins WLF spokesperson in California believes that: “The Youth Ambassador Program is so powerful for and impactful on participants because it combines learning and action and connects the local to the global. For me, the Program is so special because it allows participants learn and then apply their learning through action immediately. Also, it fosters an environment in which participants uncover and then draw connections between the local and global.”

Through a structured series of five online learning modules, participants will gain the knowledge and skills about illiteracy, leadership, advocacy, community organizing, and fundraising they need to empower them to be effective advocates for literacy.

Throughout its seven-year history, 1,500 young people from 110 countries have become local and global Changemakers through their participation in the WLF’s Youth Ambassador Program.

About the World Literacy Foundation
The World Literacy Foundation is an international non-profit with the mission of ensuring that every child –regardless of their geographic location – has access to books and opportunities to acquire literacy skills, thus allowing them to reach their full potential and succeed in school and beyond. Globally, 770 million people are illiterate. An additional two billion individuals struggle to read a sentence. The WLF works in 52 countries and reaches 500 million people each year. Through this work, the WLF is striving to achieve its overarching aim – to eradicate illiteracy by 2040. 

About the Youth Ambassador Program
The Youth Ambassador Program is a free initiative of the World Literacy Foundation that identifies, educates, and connects young people from around the world. The Program develops young leaders as both local and global Changemakers through their work as advocates of literacy.