There is an avalanche of indictments coming, Q says

The Mueller blockade is ending. There was no Trump collusion or obstruction of justice. The real Russian collusion story is, and will, take center stage the remainder of the year. Investigative reporter Sara Carter told Fox News, “Avalanche of indictments are coming. People are already turning on each other. Throwing colleagues under the bus in order to save themselves.” These coming indictments are on those who fabricated the Russian Collusion Hoax — the coup to overthrow an elected president.

As much as Robert Mueller wanted collusion and obstruction of justice to be so, so that he could assist in the removal of his hated president, he had to admit in his report that neither existed. In fact, those still purporting what has now been shown to be a hoax cannot even identify an actual crime committed by candidate or President Trump, so deceived were they by the now discredited New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS — the primary globalist news mediums. Democrats have to accept the fact that these mediums deceived them twice in three years; first with the deception that Clinton could not lose the election of 2016 and second with the Trump Russian conspiracy.

But none of this information is new to Q’Anon followers who were told 18 months ago, October 2017, that Mueller knew then that he had nothing. So why was his report delayed? Q posts before the midterms made it clear that the Mueller Report would be delayed by Trump enemies until after the 2018 elections so as: to allow Democrats to retake the House, end numerous House Intelligence Committee investigations into Obama Administration FBI and DOJ efforts to deliver Hillary the presidency, and allow plenty of time to manufacture evidence to impeach Trump. All went just as Q said.

Delaying the report would make it difficult for Trump to unmask and release documents that incriminated them. It would also safeguard their base and provide fake news to keep the country divided and “riot ready” should they be exposed. The Mueller Repost was a great diversion from their coup to change an election and remove a seated president. It would also put on notice foreign governments that the “old guard,” the globalists, “still pull strings” as Q put it. The globalists won this round.

The delay of the Mueller Report findings allowed Trump enemies to feel safe, confident they could avoid detection, and in control which accentuated the possibility of their making more mistakes enabling authorities to gather evidence needed to expose the deep state more fully. Again, this is total war and if readers do not know this they will be duped.

For those yet unfamiliar with Q posts The Washington Post, a critic, fairly accurately described the movement Aug. 1, 2018. Q is “an anonymous user claiming to be a government agent with top security clearance, waging war against the so-called deep state in service to the 45th president. ‘Q’ feeds disciples, or ‘bakers,’ scraps of intelligence, or ‘bread crumbs,’ that they scramble to bake into an understanding of the ‘storm’ — the community’s term…— for the president’s final conquest over elites, globalists and deep-state saboteurs.” Q’Anons are those attempting to decode the vague messages found on the 4chan and 8chan message boards.

Q posts are designed to provide hints or thought suggestions that lead discussions. These may include lesser known published articles or news clips that come close to the “truth.” Followers come to their own conclusions.

Q is fast gaining followers because it allows those who know there exists a real war between freedom and globalist advocates (the establishment) to have hope that we can possibly overcome the grip the globalists have on the U.S. and the world society. It effectively allows the masses inclusion in what is happening to them.

Last October we introduced Q to our readers in an article, “A Ray of Hope in the present civil war on information” this followed last December in “‘Q’s’ Big Drop Landed, indictments to follow.” We reported that most of the corrupt members of the DOJ and FBI had by then been fired. Some of these people will now face indictments. Those who follow Q get information sometimes months before it is common to news sources. Those who include Q’Anons as a news source, such as Lori Colley and Prayingmedic, find Q predictions reliable but his timing sometimes months late as in the release, for merely political purposes, of the Mueller Report.

So what does Q tell us is coming now? Q posted in early April that Rod Rosenstein will be gone soon (such was announced publicly April 29, to be May 11), that “attempts to prevent public release of the truth” will continue, that OIG will release its findings, and that House intel will launch “more fake investigations in attempt to retain false narrative and claim political attacks if investigated/ prosecuted themselves.”

What will happen thereafter? The Mueller blockade/shield will fade followed by more “Declas[sification], Uranium One prosecution, treason/sedition prosecutions.” Remember this is total war and justice obstructionists can delay an outcome but Q tells us that coup exposure can no longer be stopped.

Now that the Mueller blockade has been removed “declas-declas-declas,” which Trump promises to do, will reveal all.

Indictments and prosecutions will follow, some very big.