Those evacuated can get assistance retrieving medications, taking care of animals

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office will be coordinating efforts to meet the needs of evacuees, the department shared Friday.

Those who live in an area under mandatory evacuation order who need assistance retrieving medications that they can’t get filled at our local pharmacies, have animals in need of care, or are in need of special medical equipment they were unable to take with them when they evacuated should call non-emergency dispatch (530)257-6121.

“We will make every effort to accommodate those requests as fire conditions allow. If your request requires entry into your home, keys can be dropped off at the Sheriff’s Office for access. If any animals require special care, please notify us and we will be glad to help,” read the statement from the LCSO.

“The Sheriff’s Office is well supplied with a variety of animal feed thanks to donations from Cowboy 911 and private citizens. We appreciate their generosity and care for our community,” the statement read. “We are maintaining 24-hour patrols in evacuated areas and are dedicated to the protection of our residents, their property, and their animals”