Three confirmed cases in Plumas County

Now there are three — at least as of Monday, April 6.

Plumas County’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 was announced March 31 — a resident of Eastern Plumas who was taken to St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Reno for treatment.

Two days later on April 2, a household contact of the first confirmed case, also tested positive.

Then, on April 4, an Indian Valley resident was confirmed to test positive for COVID-19 making him or her the third positive case in Plumas County.

Him or her? Which community? Where have they been? With each new confirmed case, the public has more questions, but Plumas County Public Health can give few answers, citing a patient’s right to privacy.

Public Health Director Andrew Woodruff understands the frustration. During an April 2 interview he said that his office has been receiving numerous calls from area residents wanting specific information.

“We are receiving many, many calls,” he said and then discussed his agency’s new phone system, which transfers the calls to the individuals who can best provide the answers. And while they are able to provide a lot of information, it’s still not the specific details about the confirmed cases.