Three High Desert State Prison correctional officers earn Bronze Stars

Three correctional officers from High Desert State prison — Felipe Valle, Stephanie Mora and Andrea Abad — were honored with Bronze Stars by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation this morning, Friday, Sept. 22.

Felipe Valle is one of three correctional officers from High Desert State Prison honored today with Bronze Stars from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Stephanie Mora and Andrea Abad were also honored.

According to the CDCR website, “The Bronze Star is awarded for saving a life without placing oneself in peril. The employee shall have used proper training and tactics in a professional manner to save, or clearly contribute to saving, the life of another person.”

Here’s what happened, according to the CDCR website, “After completing a long shift last November, officers Valle and Mora picked up officer Abad from the Reno airport from vacation.

“At 2:30 a.m. as the trio drove toward Susanville, they noticed a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed on the wrong side of the road.

“Valle immediately slowed down, started blinking his high beams and honked the horn to no avail. As the motorcycle approached, Valle veered into the left passing lane to avoid a head-on collision.

They watched as the motorcycle left the road, striking the wire fence ejecting the rider into the air.

“Without hesitation, the three jumped out of the car and immediately conducted a search for the motorcyclist. He was located about 80 feet from the road lying facing down, unconscious and gasping for air. They noticed a pool of blood growing under him, and Valle immediately started life-saving measures.

“The motorcyclist regained consciousness and was disoriented and erratic. Valle explained what happened and they were there to help him. Valle was able to keep him calm until emergency personnel arrived.

“In the meantime, Abad called first responders and remained on the phone with the dispatcher describing the scene and the motorcyclist’s condition. Mora directed traffic by slowing oncoming traffic and directing them around the accident site until emergency personnel arrived at the scene.

“The three took immediate action and worked as a team with a successful outcome. Emergency personnel determined the team’s quick thinking and response saved the motorcyclist’s life.”