It’s time to start a new adventure

Two years is such a short time, but in those two years working here at the Lassen County Times, I have seen myself grow so much.
I still remember the day I started here. I was young, nervous and just 20 years old. I didn’t have a degree like many who had worked here before me. I didn’t even like talking to people on the phone.

The first few times I had to go somewhere that I had never been drove my anxiety up the wall, and often I’d drive around the block twice just to make sure it was the right place.

But each and every time I went somewhere new and met people it was never as bad as my mind always made it out to be.

This job has certainly brought me out of my shell and truly helped bring me into adulthood. I don’t think I would be the person I am today if it weren’t for this job.

It is with much sadness that I say my goodbyes; leaving this office I’ve called my home for two years and the wonderful friends I’ve made here during that time.

As I ready myself to pack up the rest of my things, I’m met with so many memories of meetings attended, events covered and the many stories that graced the pages of the Lassen County Times.

I’ll be off on new adventures with a new job in the community, but I can never forget my time here as I’ve learned so much.

I’ve learned more about budgets, electricity and things related to it and sanitary matters than I ever thought I would.

I’ve also learned what an amazing community we have. I have lived in Susanville my whole life, and yet I learned more about my town and surrounding communities during my time here than I ever did before.

There are so many amazing events, activities and fundraisers put on every year to help those in need and just bring each other closer together as a community.

I feel truly blessed to live here and call Susanville my home.

And while you’ll no longer see my byline on articles, I truly hope to still see many of you around town and that you’ll still greet me with a hello.

I would just like to say thank you to my boss, Sam Williams, as well as the rest of the Lassen County Times staff for helping me to grow and have this amazing opportunity. I’m truly going to miss all of you.