Today, even the homeowner is homeless 

America’s growing homeless population is one of the surest indicators we have lost our way as a people.

Now, I realize — all of middle America is homeless. We first lost our rural lands to gigantic factory farms. We are now losing control of our suburban homes and city workplaces to corporate and political moguls who feudalize all aspects of our lives.

We have lost our education system to opportunists who elevate their nihilistic view of freedom to the status of a religion.

We have lost our Congress to a philosophy that says it is better for one man to rule than many representative men and women to debate and decide.

We have lost our forests to fire, our crops to drought, our shorelines to hurricanes and floods.

We have lost our souls to exploitative doctrines practiced by political parties, governments, politically correct university faculties and even churches.

We admit we do not know Black history, but we refuse to admit that we do not know White history either.

We have our celebrities, our ED treatments, our streaming pleasures and our talk shows. We are happy in our own swill, but we are homeless.

Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross, Utah