Traci Witry — Lassen County Superior Court Judge

Greetings, fellow residents of Lassen County.

Traci Witry

I am Traci Witry, and I’m thrilled to share who I am with you and why I am the ideal candidate for Superior Court Judge.

My journey to this office started in Lassen County 23 years ago as Deputy District Attorney. I spent the next 13 years here in Lassen County.  I was a Deputy County Counsel, managed my own law office and was a small business owner. Life then took me on an unexpected journey away from Lassen County as I became a single parent.  I faced a difficult road ahead and had to leave Lassen County.  I did what many single parents do though, and I embraced the change.

In 2018, I was appointed Calaveras County’s Court Commissioner, also their first female judicial officer. I returned to Lassen County as Court Commissioner when my son left for the Maritime Academy. He is studying there now aspiring to be a Marine Corps officer.

The unexpected turn of events ended up giving me diverse experiences which have fortified my resilience and adaptability — which are traits essential for a Superior Court Judge. I have spent most of my life in California and consider Lassen County home.

In my role as Court Commissioner for the past five and a half years, I have overseen hundreds of different types of cases and court calendars including but not limited to: Criminal Arraignments, Children & Family Services, Family Law, Restraining Orders, and Child Support. I listen to oral arguments, review the evidence, and make findings and orders. I have been performing many of the same duties now that I would if I were to be elected, including going to the same trainings judges attend. In many ways, being a Court Commissioner is the best way to prepare for being a judge.

What sets me apart is my commitment to impartiality. With over five years in a role akin to an elected judge, I understand the importance of unbiased decision-making. Your vote for me, Traci Witry, is a vote for integrity, justice and compassion for Lassen County families.

The primary goal I have while I am in office is to always maintain a high level of professionalism in the courts. When someone comes to court, even if they don’t agree with a ruling I deliver, I always seek to help them understand why I have made the ruling.  I want to ensure that citizens of Lassen County have trust in our judicial system and process.  I am deeply committed to following the law, no matter who the parties are, because that is ultimately what justice is about.  Upholding the law has been a motivator for me throughout my career, and I am the most prepared and experienced candidate to ensure there is justice in Lassen County.

Explore for more information. Thank you for voting for me, Traci L. Witry, to be your Superior Court Judge. Together, let’s shape the future of justice in our community.