Transportation and the local healthcare system

As my peers, friends and neighbors enter our Silver Seventies we’re facing a downright astonishing fact. Getting to the local clinic in Susanville is extremely difficult! Unless we have a vehicle or family/friends who do, we can only take the bus. However, the city bus doesn’t even stop there, only at the ER location which leaves us to walk the rest of the way.

Of course, this issue doesn’t apply only to seniors. When riding the bus there are often young people with small children who are needing to see a doctor. Is our city so poor and/or heartless that some form of transportation can’t be designated to get out citizens to the healthcare that we need?

Since my daughter receives cancer treatment I realize that she is provided transport to her medical appointments. Wellness care should, in my opinion, be a concern as well. Frankly, the healthcare system in Susanville is concerning enough for me to be planning a move to another city.

Joy Harris