A California gopher snake suns itself on the Old Paul Bunyan Road, Wednesday, May 8.

Trekking the Canyon Trail

Wednesday, May 8 I took the longest hike so far this spring that was the Canyon Trail and Old Paul Bunyan Road loop.

This time I went alone on the trail, which I would always advise against as you may never know what you could come across, but I took the risk.
I started by making my way down the usual start of the trails down to where the Canyon Trail starts.

The Canyon Trail started wide enough but narrowed down to a single person trail once I hit the thick foliage that flanks it on the left, and the steep hill on the right
The trail is amazing and a bit annoying during the spring with how thick and green the brush is and the Paiute Creek feeding all of it as it snakes along the side of the trail.
All the fresh bloomed wild flowers also ensured that bees were a dime a dozen during the whole hike.

After about a mile down the trail I came across the now dubbed Beaver pond where there were two benches waiting for me to rest.
Leaving the Beaver pond I made my way toward the bridge that connects the Canyon Trail to the Old Paul Bunyan Road.

Crossing the bridge has the one and really only incline of the whole hike, but the difference in the Canyon Trail and Old Paul Bunyan road was a nice change of pace as it widens out enough for two cars drive down.

It was an impressive site once I was on the old road, looking down I realized that the creek had filled a portion of the meadow creating a marsh.
Further down the Old Paul Bunyan Road my mistake for going alone almost came back to haunt me or bite me…

As I made the first big turn in the trail I almost planted my foot right onto a gopher snake, luckily not poisonous and not a danger to humans, but it did give me pause on going it alone.

Once the snake slithered back to his hole I continued on to where a break in trees showed the BLM land separating the Canyon Trail and Old Paul Bunyan Road and a very old rusted car stood out from all the green that surrounded it.

The final leg was taking the Old Paul Bunyan Road underneath the helipad and then down across the bridge linking to the old logging road to the starting trail that led back to the parking lot.

Next week I will be heading out to the Stonewall Trail and going up and around to come back toward the Bagwell Creek Trail.

If you would like to share your experiences on the trails of Lassen County, send your photos and stories to me at sports@lassennews.com.