Tribal Outreach Project plans Rainbow Gathering

In the fall of 2023, rainbow gathering participants circled in California’s Sierra foothills to start putting energy towards a gathering in California over the July 4th 2024 holiday week.

Out of this initial circle, the Tribal Outreach Project was formed. Meeting weekly since December 2023, our goals have included reaching out to any tribes whose ancestral homelands could potential be the site of the 2024 Annual Rainbow Gathering.

We began by researching the ancestral homelands of the tribes that once occupied the land that consists of the portion of California from roughly Interstate 80 north to the Oregon border, from the Sierra foothills east to the Nevada border.

We have reached out via telephone, email and/or US Postal Service to approximately 20 different tribes and/or bands of people who were indigenous to these lands’ pre-contact regardless of their status with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Our hope was and is for the ability to gather in a good way for all people including the indigenous nations of the area. While collectively our intentions are to create peace and the positive evolution of the planet, we do recognize that our very presence causes many people consternation.

While our outreach has not resulted in as many conversations that we had initially hoped for due to a lack of response from many tribes and/or bands, we respectfully request that any band, tribe and/or nation that we have contacted, reach out to share their concerns. Many individuals who attend Rainbow Gatherings are eager for this communication and dialogue.

We understand that there are many concerns in circulation that may be due to misinformation about the Rainbow Gathering and people who attend; therefore, we would love to hear back from the tribes and/or bands to arrange time for dialogue.

If any tribal group is unclear who to contact, call the Rainbow Gathering Lightline at (530) ITS-INFO (530) 487-4636) and leave a message stating your tribe, your name, how and when we can reach you and someone will reach out to you.

Tribal Outreach Project
The Tribal Outreach Project is a self-selected bunch of individuals working with the intent to share collective wisdom for the good of the earth and all humanity, within the narrower space and time context of the 2024 Annual Gathering which may happen in California.

No one involved in this project is appointed by, nor speaks for, the Rainbow Family. No individual or group can speak for or represent the Rainbow Family or any other individual. Our collective voice is heard through our council process, which is not a legislative body but does make nuts and bolts decisions, consensus statements and/or practical advice from time to time. Yeah, it’s confusing to us, too! This council process happens regularly, usually three times a year. All are welcome to take part.