Trump attorney Alina Habba: ‘We have a dual system of justice’ in America these days,’ one for Republicans and another for Democrats

Is Donald Trump guilty of a crime or crimes or is the political left seeking to convict him because they fear him? Whether you hate him or support him, the leftist elements seek to destroy him, whatever the cost. Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, interviewed Mr. Trump’s attorney, Alina Haba, on the issue on AMAC’s Better For America podcast recently.

Ms. Haba put it succinctly: “We saw like a Soviet style theater of police state tactics from Georgia, which follows a federal FBI raid on Mar a Lago and arraignments against Donald Trump in New York, Miami, and D.C. The president, along with 18 other Americans, have been indicted for taking actions that are protected by the Constitution. As an example, John Eastman, was just indicted in Georgia for his role in combating election fraud, despite his efforts being constitutionally protected. So essentially, it seems the Biden administration is now criminalizing actions that are protected by the Constitution.”

Ms. Habba went on to note that “we have a dual system of justice” in America these days. “You’re treated one way if you are a Republican and another if you’re a Democrat.  More importantly, if you’re a Republican and your name is Trump you are treated in the most unfair manner.”

She compared the treatment of President Trump with that of Hunter Biden and she said, “We’ve seen it with the targeting and systemic scheduling of trials during the campaign with the leading candidate for the Republican Party. They’re kind of laying it out for us and it’s hard to ignore at this point. We’re on indictment number four.”

She suggested that Mr. Trump’s enemies are seeking to surround him with litigation.

“What they’ve done is change the venue,” she said. “We have now a federal venue, criminal prosecution, state venue, criminal prosecutions. I believe that that’s all by design.  As we know, the president, if President Trump is elected again, can pardon himself from federal crimes, but not state.  So, I think what they’re doing is a strategic coordinated dance, for lack of a better word. Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney, Fannie Willis, [is] seeking a trial date of March 4. The day before the presidential primaries on Super Tuesday. This was announced shortly after the indictment leak before the grand jury was even convened. So, where does a prosecutorial overreach become malicious prosecution?”

Ms. Habba pointed out that President Trump is being fast-tracked on all his cases, and they’re basically all being heard from October until the summer during what is the prime campaign season.

“Each of these trials are going to take four to six weeks,” she said. [“It will] tie up the presidential candidate for the better part of six months, and we’re not only talking about his criminal cases, but there’s civil cases as well. It’s by design [and] it’s unfair and malicious. It’s beyond anything I’ve ever seen.”

But she added she thinks it may be encouraging his voters and independents to vote him back into office. In fact, Ms. Habba said, people have been coming up to her and to her co-workers telling them that they didn’t like his tweets, that they didn’t like this or that but now they are telling us that they are 100 percent behind Mr. Trump.

Rebecca Weber asked Ms. Habba if it is possible that the Trump team can go directly to the Supreme Court to dismiss or stay the cases against him.

Her response was that it would be unethical to go into detail. She said her team is focused on “making sure we remove cases that need to be removed into federal court, that we, request appeals or decisions that are appropriate. We can’t just do things willy-nilly, we have to have cause.  And, we have a great team on the ground with all of these cases and several teams, frankly, that I work with that I’m fortunate to work with every day. They know what to do. And what I would say to the American people is not to worry. We have very intelligent people working for the president. They are well seasoned attorneys. They have had many successes on very challenging cases. And to me, these cases are frankly bogus.”