Tuesday, April 3, 2009 • Keefer follows up on Janesville brush zone concern

Publisher’s note: This story originally appeared in the Tuesday, April 3, 2009 edition of the Lassen County Times.

Lassen County Supervisor Lloyd Keefer, who represents the Janesville area, said he would write a letter to the California Insurance Commissioner regarding the cancellation of a homeowner’s insurance policy in Janesville because of a fire hazard posed by brush.

Susanville Mayor Kurt Bonham, asked Keefer to look into the matter at the board’s last meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 17.

Keefer said he had visited the property, and found the area had grass fuels and some pine trees but no brush. He said he called the homeowner’s insurance agent in an effort to resolve the issue last Thursday afternoon, but the agent did not return his call.

Keefer said he wanted to ask the insurance agent why the coverage on the home had been dropped.

“I got the same answer from the person I talked to that Mr. Bonham expressed here at the podium,” Keefer said. “Since it’s in a brush area, designated as a brush area, they decided to drop the coverage. So, I started asking some questions. I said you understand this home is located between Main Street and (Highway) 395 and most of the predominant vegetation around the home is not brush. Brush makes up a very small component of the fuels in the area. It’s mostly grass and a few scattered pines.”

Keefer said the person he was talking to couldn’t answer his questions and referred him to the agent.

“Here it is Tuesday, and the agent still hasn’t gotten back to me,” Keefer said. “What I intend to do is write a letter to the insurance commission and give them a chance to respond and answer my questions.”