Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015 • Lassen County 4-H Favorite Foods Day

Chevon apple sausage and savory apple crisp bites. These delicious foods and more were exhibited at the Fourth annual Lassen County 4-H Favorite Foods Day.

Intermediate members are being judged during the Fourth annual Lassen County 4-H Favorite Foods Day.

Richmond 4-H hosted the event with the Lassen County All Stars Jonathon Langston, Dyllan Bond and Travis Griffith presiding over the ceremonies.

This year’s theme was “Bushels of Fall Fun.”

Senior members of Lassen County 4-H are being judged during Favorite Foods Day.

Volunteer judges this year were Sally Dilts, Jessica Motherall, Bill and Anita Payer, Linda Porter and Deena Wemple.  Thirty-one 4-H members from throughout the county participated in this year’s event which tested their skills in nutrition, menu planning and food preparation. The favorite food entries were judged on appearance, flavor, texture and taste.

Each member prepared a table setting that coordinated with the menu. The aesthetic and nutritional value of each menu was also judged, as well as the exhibitor’s knowledge of food on the menu.

The 4-H members prepared dishes in categories that included salad, main dish, dessert and a special category of “apple.”  High Fashion Farm sponsored $50 in cash awards for the apple category.

Primary members look sharp during Favorite Foods Day.

A separate table-setting competition was also held.  Primary Member Maddi Johnson, from Milford 4-H, did a great job and earned a participation ribbon. Junior member Megan Griffith, from Thompson Peak 4-H, received a gold medal.  Intermediate members Rylee Friddle and Kora Taylor from Richmond 4-H, and Morgan Gould from Milford 4-H also received gold medals. Senior members Dominique Bidart (Richmond) and Christina West-Lucchesi (Lake) earned gold medals as well.

Also offered was a Knowledge Bowl that challenged members on their expertise of nutrition, food preparation and food safety.  The winners of the Knowledge Bowl were: Primary members Joshua Bunyard and Carter Huber, junior member Megan Griffith, intermediate members Alex Bunyard and Kora Taylor and senior member Cosette Taylor.

Knowledge Bowl participants were challenged on their expertise of nutrition, food preparation and safety.

The members also participated in community service activities. The members donated canned food, made Thanksgiving cards and crafts for Eagle Lake Village and wrote Christmas cards for soldiers serving over-seas as well as veterans.

The results of the favorite food competition are as follows: primary members receiving participation awards: Richmond 4-H: Abby Bunyard, Josh Bunyard, Lucas England, Carter Huber.  Milford 4-H: Lance Fish and Maddi Johnson.  Lake 4-H: Abby Hemphill.  Standish 4-H: Andy Lopez.  Primary members cannot be judged for awards and thus received the participation awards.

Junior Members
 Gold Seals — Thompson Peak 4-H: Megan Griffith and Justus Nagle.  Richmond 4-H: Rebecca Kirklin.
Blue Seals —
Richmond 4-H: Isabel England and Chase Huber.  Standish 4-H: Helen Lopez.
 Red Seal —  Jayci Duty from Richmond 4-H.

Intermediate Members
Gold Seals — Richmond 4-H: Alex Bunyard, Justin Bunyard, Rylee Friddle, Trevor Hahn, Garret Herrbach, Benjamin Kirklin and Kora Taylor.  Milford 4-H: Abigayle Dunn, Steven Dunn and Lucas Fish.
Blue Seal — Standish 4-H: Gabriella Lopez.

Senior Members:
Gold Seals — Richmond 4-H: Dominique Bidart and Cosette Taylor.
Blue Seal — Lake 4-H: Christina West-Luchessi.
Red Seal — Lake 4-H: Carlene Simpson.

The Cash Award Theme Category Apple winners
First place, Justin Bunyard, Chevon Apple Sausage, Richmond 4-H; second place, Lucas Fish, Spicy Apple Cake, Milford 4-H; and third place, Garret Herrbach, Apple Meat Loaf, Richmond 4-H.

All the participants received a certificate, caramel apple cookie or cake mix and a recipe book containing all of the participant’s recipes.  All members earning Gold Seals were awarded Favorite Foods medals for their 4-H hats.

Following the judging, everyone was invited to stay and enjoy baked potatoes, salad and the many excellent dishes that were prepared for the competition.  Everyone did a great job, and we are looking forward to next year.