Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011 • A story‘s blowing into town about green energy near Horse Lake

Lassen Municipal Utility District was given a presentation Dec. 20 from Invenergy’s Horse Lake Wind Energy Project. The presentation was informational only and no action from the board was requested.

Matt Giblin, manager of business development for the project said they are the fifth largest wind developer in the world.

Giblin said the project near Horse Lake would be a 51-megawatt project that will include 34 wind turbines on government lands as the plan of development has been accepted by the Bureau of Land Management.

Giblin said the project would consist of an underground collection system, a substation and a 25-mile 60Kv line project.

Upgrades to the LMUD system are to be completed in 2014. The Type II wind development project started back in 2007 and has continued to progress through the Interconnection Agreement process and the adoption of the Open Access Transmission Tariff contract with LMUD which took three years.

Giblin said the Environmental Impact Statement would be complete in 2012. He explained the green energy project would be of minimal demands on Lassen County’s natural resources such as the water or forests. As the project grows, it will bring jobs and tax revenue to the community as the business is taxed, although it is on federal land it will be an economical project.

The development of green projects such as Invenergy’s could inspire and bring other renewable energy projects to Lassen County.

Giblin said Invenergy would be responsible for all the costs of all new equipment and upgrades. There should be no costs to LMUD ratepayers. The upgrades are expected to begin January 2012 and be completed within six to eight months.