Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2006 Chatter • Glen Yonan leads new softball era

I had a little chat with Glen Yonan, the new head softball coach up the hill at Lassen Community College the other day.

Of course, everyone knows Yonan served for more than a decade as the college’s head baseball coach. As you might expect, he’s bringing the same level of dedication he showed in baseball to a new sport.

During the off season, the coach worked hard to improve the ball yard at LCC — closing in the fences with wooden slats, upgrading the infield and the grass, working on the scoreboard, refurbishing the bleachers and generally painting and sprucing up the place.

Anybody who’s spent any time at Memorial Park knows how much pride Yonan takes in having a great field for his players and the fans. And with LCC’s new interest in local softball players, Yonan has three area stars who could help ramrod the team.

They include freshmen Anita Castaneda (pitcher/utility) and Tanya Mineau (utility) from Lassen High School and Kristin Martin (outfield) from Long Valley High School.

Hey, don’t miss the Lady Cougars’ home opener at 12 noon on Wednesday, March 8 against Feather River. It looks like it’s going to be a whole new ballgame to me.